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Contact: Amy Diehl

EPG Staffing is a global staffing provider that offers tailored solutions to meet your organisation's staffing needs. We specialise in architecting staffing solutions for permanent and contingent workforces across all countries and industries. Our global reach enables businesses to enter new markets quickly and with assured compliance.As a staffing provider, we offer specialised solutions to meet your specific needs, including our Employer of Record and Agency of Record programs. These programs are designed to provide you with the best possible pathways to scale your global workforce, while our managed service programs give you peace of mind knowing local experts are addressing your staffing needs.Our service offering covers various employment-related solutions, including Payroll, HR, Migration, corporate services, and contractor/contingent worker management. Compliance and risk mitigation are at the heart of all our solution builds, allowing you to manage your workforce requirements comfortably and cost-effectively as you expand globally.Partnering with EPG Staffing means working with a team of staffing experts dedicated to helping you grow and manage your workforce across global locations while ensuring in-country compliance. Let us help you find the right staffing solution for your organisation's needs and make your global expansion as smooth as possible.