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Would you be interested in getting the payroll cost calculation in any country of your interest with just one click, which would help you to easily plan and budget your global expansion costs? We have designed a unique online tool, Global Payroll Calculator to help you do it.

With this calculator, you can discover total employment cost in over 150 countries of the world within a couple of minutes. No more need to waste hours of work discovering in-country legislations, tax-reporting peculiarities and practices by yourself. By simply typing the information requested on the website form, you get a unique opportunity to calculate total payroll costs in the chosen country and the net salary for your foreign employees, which will be employed in this country. Click here to get started with your FIVE FREE calculations.

Having helped companies of all sizes employ their international workforce worldwide, we have spotted the key need for the tool that would allow to instantly discover the expected employer burden and standard employee deductions in foreign countries. We have developed a one-of-the-kind online Global Payroll Calculator to help you easily calculate total in-country payroll costs and the net salary of your foreign employees. This tool helps you make informed decisions about hiring workforces globally and helps you figure out the cost of global employment in more than 150 countries.

If you have a current project anywhere in the world, you can use our international PEO and payroll solution to have your foreign employees employed through us on your behalf. Call us at +44 (203) 468-8777. Or click here to send us your project details.