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Address:Route de Ferney 150,
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
Tel:+41 225087464
Contact: Natalia Jubirca

AdmInMe is a European provider of Payroll, HR Administration, Time & Attendance, Expense Management and Accounting outsourcing services. We have direct operations in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Our headquarters are in Switzerland.

We believe that Payroll and HR Administration is highly local and constantly changing matter. We speak your language and are your extended team of experts.

Our End-to-End Administration Solutions are easy to start and easy to manage. We will guide you, when you are launching your business or employing your people in a country.

AdmInMe has developed modern proprietary technology platform, online monitoring and reporting tools, methodology and processes to create highly customized (how you want it), yet standardized solutions for you across countries; to give you immediate access to your data; to communicate effectively cross border.