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Africa HR Solutions Ltd is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) company based in Mauritius that aims to provide its Clients with the best employment and payroll outsourcing solutions for all employees across the African continent.


Our African Footprint
Africa HR Solutions can assist its Clients with an employment or a payroll solution in more than 40 African countries. So far our solutions have been tested and proved in 30+ countries in Africa which makes Africa HR Solutions the leading PEO company in the African market.
Our employment & payroll solutions suit a broad range of industries for both expatriates and local national employees. Today we have successfully rendered services in the following sectors:

- Engineering & Construction - Oil & gas
- Automobile - Mining
- Education - IT & Telecom
- Medical & Healthcare - NGO
- Banking & Finance – Network

We have expanded our network in Africa through years of hard work to cover more than 40 African countries. The entities in each country are a mixture of wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures or a strong relationship with an in-country partner who is either a leading accounting or legal firm in that country.

This network is carefully controlled by a team of payroll consultants, a compliance team and the finance department to ensure an efficient and accurate process. As a result of the complexities of operating in numerous different African countries, the team are all degreed individuals with an integral knowledge of working in Africa.

Benefits of HR OUTSOURCING services
Africa HR Solutions knows that running a business is not an easy task. By providing you with a comprehensive employment and payroll service, you can say goodbye to extra time spent managing your payroll. This means that you can focus on more important things, like running your operations in Africa.

Why Employment outsourcing?

- Easiest & fastest way to hire staff in a new country - Ability to deploy a Sales team without risk
- No need to incorporate a local company - No need to specialize in the local labour law
- Ability to test new market without investment - It allows you to focus on your core business
- No hassle with payroll challenges


Why Payroll outsourcing?
– Eliminates cost of software & its subsequent maintenance,
– Opportunity cost from redeploying HR resources and investments to other areas,
– Reduces errors from manual handling of data,
– Reduces risks involved in security and confidentiality issues,
– Reduces the time spent on administrative task and to refocus on strategic planning initiatives,
– Reduces financial risks involved in non-compliance of legislative, corporate and technology changes,
– Growing need for companies to leverage on established HR service providers for information and expertise that are not available internally,
– Strategic partnership with HR service providers enable more flexibility and tailor-made solutions for ever-changing operational needs,
– Increases employee’s satisfaction through timely and accurate response to HR issues & queries.

Why Africa HR Solutions?

- Single solution for all your African HR requirements - Centralising of payroll function
- Up to date statutory changes through multiple sources - Full compliance with local legislation
- One central point of contact for all your queries - Our scope of services
- Flexible on-call queries and reports when required Team dedicated to quality and flexible service
- Professional indemnity and employer liability insurances


Our scope of Services

- Full Employment Outsourcing – Employer of Record services;
- Full Payroll Management; - Registration of employees;
- Immigration services; - Offshore payment services;
- Medical & repatriation insurance; - Tax Guidance;
- Local ancillary services (first accommodation, meet & greet, car rental, …)

Employment outsourcing
Employment outsourcing is the easiest and fastest way to hire employees in countries where you do not have a legal entity or where you are not allowed to hire people for any reason. It enables you to quickly establish a local team in the country of assignment. It offers you the ability to test a new market with a minimal investment (no need to incorporate a local company).

Africa HR Solutions will act as the Employer of Record. This means that you will outsource the hire, the employment and the payroll functions to us while you keep the operational management of the employees to focus on your core business.

With the Employment Outsourcing, Africa HR Solutions will offer a local employment contract to your employees in the country of assignment. Your staff will be hired by us but subcontracted to your project.

The local employment contract will be drafted in compliance with the local labour law and in accordance with your specific requirements and internal policies.

The employment contract will be governed by the legislations of the country of assignment including, but not limited to, all the applicable rules and procedures in terms of minimum salary, probation period, notice period, leave pay, termination and severance pay.

The employment outsourcing solution includes all the features of the Payroll outsourcing.

Payroll Outsourcing
The Payroll outsourcing can be an extremely effective way to achieve strategic operational gains and costs savings whereby you add value to your core business. It will help you free up time, reduce your payroll software, labour and overhead costs, while minimizing the compliance and legislative risks.

There is no need to hire a dedicated payroll team, Africa HR Solutions team of experts understands the complexities of African payroll. We have developed the tools and skills to deliver a high quality payroll services all around Africa.

Africa HR Solutions aims to ensure 100% compliance for all expats and locals working through Africa. Through the usage of several systems as well as advisory services from in-country law, accounting and auditing firms, we aim to stay current in terms of all required statutory deductions.

We can register the workers to the local authorities for the purposes of tax and social contribution payments to ensure that all monthly taxes are paid depending on the local requirements.

Our extensive range of payroll services include:

- Registration of your legal entity to local Authorities - Monthly tax & social contributions
- Registration of your staff to the local Authorities - Monthly tax filing and payments
- New starters data capturing - Monthly salary payments
- Payroll processing calendar (submission, approval, funding) - Monthly payslips
- Preparation of monthly payroll report - Off cycle payroll run
- Handling of staff disbursements/ reimbursements - Year-end filing
- Handling of medical insurance - Preparation of payment to third parties
- Calculation of the compensation to be paid to employees in case of resignation and of the statutory termination indemnity in case of dismissal
- Preparation of monthly accruals for statutory bonuses (Christmas, Easter and vacation) and any other annual bonuses that may be provided to the employees
- Customized reports on request

Immigration facilities
When under an employment outsourcing solution, you need the expertise of expatriate workers in the country of assignment, Africa HR Solutions can facilitate the immigration formalities.

Each African country has specific requirements for issuing a visa and work permit. Depending on the nationality, the duration of stay and even the industry, the expatriate worker will be subject to different requirements, complexities and applicable legislation.

From the letter of invitation to enter the country to the supply of a work permit, our dedicated local team will sponsor and assist the expatriate in all the different steps with the local immigration authorities.

Africa HR Solutions will strive to ensure that all paperwork is completed timely and accurately, and that the entire process is done in accordance with the local legislation to reduce the risks of denial.

Payment Facilities
When required by your operations, Africa HR Solutions can facilitate offshore invoicing and payments to your expatriate employees. This solution is very common when you need protection against local political and financial instability.

We pay from our head office in Mauritius to any bank account in the world. There is no employment contract with Africa HR Solutions and we do not ensure tax compliance. It is your responsibility and/or the responsibility of the workers to declare the offshore income in the home/ resident country.

A common solution under the offshore services is what we call the “payment against an invoice” solution. In this model, the expatriate is hired under a contract of services from our head office and is seconded / outsourced to your project in the country of assignment. The contractor sends us a monthly invoice / timesheet. We release the offshore payment against the invoice/ timesheet.

An alternative solution is when the expatriates are locally and legally employed by you in the country of assignment. You manage the payroll, and the tax compliance but you need Africa HR Solutions to release the net salaries out of the country.

Medical Insurance
Covering your staff while operating in Africa is essential. Therefore, we ensure that the best medical insurance is offered to your workers. We work very closely with multinational insurance companies allowing us to offer the best package to workers to suit the conditions of their assignment.

For expatriate employees, Africa HR Solutions can subscribe them to a comprehensive insurance package for the duration of their assignment.

The following options are available:

- Medical assistance & repatriation - Healthcare
- Personal Liability - Death & disability insurance

For local national employees:

Africa HR Solutions can facilitate medical insurance and pension fund payments. The extent of the policy and the coverage will depend on your requirement and on the existing offers in the country of assignment.