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Contact: Claudia Nieuwland

For the past 20 years, we have felt the frustration of international companies’ HRDs: their global payroll operations don’t offer the efficiency to drive their success. Global HR data consolidation is a hassle, and it’s neither 100% compliant nor secure. Things have really shifted in HR & payroll operations and technology since the 1990s, but lots of suppliers still run payroll like it’s 1999.

So it’s no big surprise that close to 50% of international companies don’t think that their current payroll provider offers them value for money.* Existing solutions are expensive, inflexible and built on years of legacy. Plus they are not adapted to today’s digital needs. They lack accurate global reporting capabilities: a key requirement when so many HR departments rely on data for their strategy and business decisions.

GlobePayroll SaaS solutions are built from scratch. They look great, and are easy to navigate; your employees will love them! You need data consolidation across the globe?  With a click you have “One version of truth”. All data and processes for your entire extended workforce are kept in a single, central, secure place. For everyone. On any device. In real time. For a reasonable price. And with 100% compliance.

You won’t find any legacy systems here:  just brand-new, user-friendly software that’s ready to use on a global scale. Of course, we aren’t trying to change the payroll world on our own: we work with great partners to constantly enhance our solutions, so we can assist companies in their global expansion.

Today, our team of 65 in our Paris HQ is growing rapidly: in people, customers and revenue. We focus on mid-sized to large companies, facilitating their international expansion. In mid-2018, SD Worx (the number 2 for European payroll) decided to invest in GlobePayroll’s growth. With that participation and other funds, we have invested 10M€ in R&D. 

Our offering includes Globe Payroll Place, Globe People Core and Globe Intelligence Hub. Major customer are Lagardère Sports & Entertainment, TUI, Randstad and Festival de Cannes. To learn more, visit