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KeyPay is an international, cloud-based payroll and workforce management platform servicing over 100k businesses. The only all-in-one system in the market that automates payroll, KeyPay streamlines all data required to process a pay run. Completely scalable, with no cap on employees, KeyPay offers paperless employee onboarding, and comprehensive mobile apps so employees can access and manage their data anytime, anywhere.


With compliance and automation at its core, KeyPay is designed specifically to improve efficiencies and save time for bureau businesses and employers in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Features include:



Time and attendance

KeyPay removes the need for paper timesheets with time and attendance that feeds right into payroll. Employees can enter timesheets online or via our mobile app WorkZone. Employees can also clock in and out of shifts using WorkZone or our time and attendance kiosk app, Clock Me In. Timesheet data is automatically calculated in the system and fed into the pay run - no need to manually input or double handle information.



KeyPay allows you to easily manage and build rosters, according to budget, with real-time costing. No paper rosters required. Staff can be notified of shifts via email, sms or in the WorkZone app, and can accept /decline/swap or bid for shifts.


Employee Self Service

KeyPay removes the need for staff email requests and empowers employees to manage their own data, straight from onboarding. Staff can view documents such as payslips; and manage their shifts, timesheets, leave and expenses, all in the WorkZone app and update their bank and personal information in the employee portal.



KeyPay is designed with compliance in mind, for every region it’s available:



Automated award interpretation

Australia’s modern award system makes payroll one of the most complex in the world. Modern awards are set by Fair Work and provide pay rates and conditions of employment such as leave, overtime and shift work entitlements. KeyPay automates all the rules for modern awards for you so you’ll always be compliant in payroll - no manual calculations necessary. Award interpretation also combines rostering and time and attendance for real-time, accurate views of staffing costs.


Other compliance automations:

  • Automated super payments
  • Single Touch Payroll and ATO reporting



  • Automated HMRC and  RTI reporting
  • Real-time pension scheme auto-assessment and auto-enrolment, and automated employee notifications
  • GDPR compliant and data-secure



  • Automated Payday filing report generation
  • Pay conditions automation
  • Transparent and accurate holiday pay compliant with the Holidays Act 2003


Automated Pay Runs

KeyPay combines all of these automations and timesavers in a first-of-its-kind automation - Automated Pay Runs. With a one-off configuration, payroll administrators can set pay run tasks to run in the background. The automation will stop where necessary if any information is required before the pay run finalises. 74% of users who use pay run automation completely automate the entire pay run with no manual intervention whatsoever.