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Årstavägen 85
Årsta, Sweden

Tel: +46 735 357993
Contact: Michelle Bobr
Michelle Bobr – Certified Payroll Consultant

Michelle has been working in the payroll industry for 10 years and have experience from both in-house payroll processing and global/Swedish outsourcing business as Payroll Expert, Implementation Manager, Project Manager and Process Management. Michelle has a wide range of competence within payroll and has through her different roles gained a great interest for system technology, connectivity and communication skills.

Pay Data Flow was formed in 2013 and from the start Michelle has been assigned by different kinds of clients with very diverse requests such as:
• Process Management
• Implementation; payroll clients and systems
• Payroll consulting
• Teacher in payroll and communication
• Online training within payroll
• Payroll adviser in collaboration with system supplier
• Lecturer
• Writer
• Payroll coach

In 2006 Michelle was educated as payroll administrator at Frans Schartau Business Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. This 2-year education gave a basic ground to grow from and when returning to the school in 2013 as teacher in payroll and communication, the goal was to bring the reality into the class room to best prepare the students for their future employments in the payroll industry.

The interest for teaching has opened several doors and recently Michelle has recorded online training courses within Swedish payroll.
Michelle do consultancy for companies in need of updating their competence within Swedish payroll regulations and offer this service to both Swedish and global companies.

Payroll coach, a new title, which was created by noticing the need to work for companies where the payroll process or/and payroll team had grown into a non-efficient state. The goal as a coach is to work closely with the team members, the payroll Manager and the payroll process to reach efficiency and flow.

Communication skills have been a key to Michelle in reaching success, when working with her payroll network, clients and students. When starting teaching communication and presentation technique, she added pro-activity as the second key to success. Through lectures introducing and combining both keys, Michelle wants to spread the importance of developing these skills in the same way payroll competence is.

In 2014 Michelle was Certified Payroll Consultant by SRF (Association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants) and in 2016 Michelle was awarded “Payroll consultant of the year” by SRF.

The latest project for Pay Data Flow is to create a public meeting room for open discussions on given topics within payroll.

“Payroll Corner” is to be launched during 2017/2018 where Michelle will organize meetings in a relaxed atmosphere where current topics can be discussed.