The GPA directory offers a comprehensive list of suppliers to the global payroll industry to help cater to all your needs. Experts include global and in-country payroll, expatriate and payslip management providers.
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For the past 20 years, we have felt the frustration of international companies’ HRDs: their global payroll operations don’t offer the efficiency to drive their success. Global HR data consolidation is a hassle, and it’s neither 100% compliant nor secure. Things have really shifted in HR & payroll operations and


For two decades, international companies have been saddled with disparate global payroll systems. Inconsistent reporting and disjointed integrations makes knowing cost of employment a challenge. But a new approach solves this gap with a solution that combines a best-in-class global payroll solution with differentiating, gross-to-net capabilities to change global payroll


  Immedis provides multi-country payroll and mobility tax solutions for organisations with overseas staff, whether local or expatriate. Our Global Payroll Platform consolidates global payrolls and employment tax filings in one place helping simplify reporting and compliance obligations.   Developing strong relationships with our clients is central to our success.


Established since 1996, Swissroll are registered with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Employment Service to engage in labour leasing and payroll management activities within Switzerland. This business is tightly regulated in Switzerland to protect both the worker and control the Swiss labour market. As a labour

Payroll Services AG

PAYROLL SERVICES AG was founded in 2003 under the name PAYROLL (Schweiz) AG and since has changed name at the beginning of 2012.   Thanks to our next to 10 year long experience in the field of outsourced payroll accounting, payroll administration in general as well as the Swiss PEO

Cintra HR & Payroll Services Limited

Established for over 35 years, Cintra is an award winning provider of HR and payroll services. We provide a comprehensive mix of HR and payroll solutions to help you manage people from recruitment to retirement. Software plays a big part but we are essentially a service company. This means that


AdmInMe is a European provider of Payroll, HR Administration, Time & Attendance, Expense Management and Accounting outsourcing services. We have direct operations in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Our headquarters are in Switzerland. We believe that Payroll and HR Administration is highly local and constantly changing matter. We speak

Acumen International LLC

Acumen International renders fully managed international PEO and payroll solution in 150+ countries around the world to help companies that have selected international full-time talent to help grow their business engage and reward the talent in full compliance with in-country labor rules and regulations. This is achieved by means of