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Tentoo Payroll Services

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Address: Maassluisstraat 2,
1062 GD Amsterdam
Tel: 0031 (0)20 524 60 51
Website: www.tentoo.nl
Contact: Jorrit Tulp

Tentoo is the first payroll company in the Netherlands.


Many companies can achieve a lot of advantages by outsourcing the administration of their payroll. Tentoo Partners specializes in managing the payroll for medium to large companies and, via Global Payroll Solutions, multinationals. We charge a flat rate per person per month and charge no extra fees.
Due to our extensive knowledge of the latest legislation and regulations in the various collective labour agreements, we are able to provide optimum support to international clients. This has enabled us to build up an extensive portfolio over the years, from small companies to large international clients in a variety of sectors.


To us, protecting privacy and providing a secure environment for processing wage data are a matter of course. Our team of specialists looks forward to being of service.

With Tentoo as your partner you are guaranteed of:
• excellent value for money;
• personal and tailored support;
• complete administrative support;
• various payment options;
• communication in English;
• English pay slips;
• a Gross to Net spreadsheet.

Payrolling (employment outsourcing)

Tentoo is the first payroll company in the Netherlands. With payrolling by Tentoo your employees join our payroll. We take over the task of paying salaries to your employees, including all responsibilities and risks. This gives you fewer obligations, more flexibility and more ease!