CIPP UK: Overpayments recovery workshop

CIPP UK: Overpayments recovery workshop

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The overpayment of remuneration to employees can occur for many reasons. The rules governing the right to reclaim overpayments are complex and must be managed with caution.

This course clarifies the impact of relevant case law and statutes and identifies the practical considerations for reclaiming overpayments using group discussions and exercises to create an interactive learning environment. From this, delegates can devise best practices to take to their organisations for managing overpayments effectively and correctly and furthermore minimise the risk of them arising.

Who is this course for?

Payroll Co-ordinators, Payroll Supervisors, Payroll Managers & HR Managers working in either an accountancy firm, payroll bureau or an in-house payroll and/or HR team.

What will you achieve?

To teach delegates case law impacting on the recovery of overpayments to employees and combine this with best practice guidelines to enable them to construct sound procedures for managing and minimising overpayments.


  • How to calculate the gross and net amounts owed
  • How to implement overpayment procedures
  • How to make the legal recovery of overpayments
  • Prepare a corporate guidance policy on overpayments

        What will be covered?

        Causes of overpayments:

        • Examining the frequent causes of overpayments
        • Establishing the reasons which complicate overpayment recoveries

        Mechanisms to reduce incidents of overpayments:

        • Examining effective procedures which reduce overpayments
        • Outlining effective audit processes for analysing overpayment causes and frequencies
        • Analysing annual leave policies which can reduce overpayments

        Procedures for processing deductions from pay:

        • Awareness of the deduction details required for payslips
        • Categorising the three types of deductions
        • Defining wages and their relevance to overpayment recovery

        Procedures for recovering overpayments:

        • Applying the Estoppel Principle to overpayment scenarios
        • Interpreting relevant case law impacting on overpayment recovery
        • Appreciating the impact the Contract of Employment has on the ability to recover overpayments
        • Identifying best practices with recovering overpayments

        Using the legal route for recovering overpayments:

        • Outlining the process for recovering overpayments through the courts
        • Appraising the cost/benefit factors in determining if legal action is viable


        This course will give you an insight into common causes of overpayments and whether you have the right to recover the overpayment with or without the employee’s permission.

        **This course is not included in the GPA Membership, Enhanced and Full-suite Memberships or the GPA Training Academy. 

        Course Trainers

        • Fiona Smith

          Before joining the CIPP as a full-time trainer in September 2019, Fiona worked in payroll in different organisations for over 9 years including her role as Assistant Group Payroll Manager for Breedon Group Services, the UK’s largest independent construction materials firm. Fiona holds the CIPP Foundation Degree in Payroll Management and the CIPD Diploma in HR Management and uses the knowledge gained in both of these within her training role to ensure that CIPP members have the information, skills and knowledge they need to keep up to date with the ever-changing payroll obligations.