Global Employee Mobility: Top Strategies to Ensure Compliance

SideContent:The concept of employee relocation has evolved drastically since the pandemic.

The concept of employee relocation has evolved drastically since the pandemic. As office buildings started closing in cities, employees started scrambling to figure out how to work from home. There have been numerous advantages associated with remote work. However, problems such as high rental prices in big cities and public health concerns arising due to densely populated areas have prompted many employees to re-think their working locations. For many, the answer has been relocating internationally.

Companies might be familiar with local employee relocation. However, international employee relocation is a complex process beyond physical relocation to another country. A global migration at such a scale has led to a surge in digital nomadism. For companies, that means adapting to changing regulations, understanding international requirements of employment and tax laws, and navigating data privacy concerns. As more employees take advantage of their global freedom, companies are left to figure out overall compliance.

Join Globalization Partners’ experts Kathryn Barnes, Employment Counsel EMEA, and Barbara Mangan, Global Audit and Compliance Manager, to get answers to questions including:

  • What are the main differences between local and global employee mobility?
  • What are the most common obstacles to global employee relocation?
  • What is the solution to manage international employee relocation compliantly?



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    Meet the presenters 

     Kathryn Barnes, Employment Counsel, EMEA, Globalization Partners

    Based in the UK, Kathryn is the European Counsel for Globalization Partners. Kathryn deals with any and all legal matters pertaining to employment law and supports the company’s ever-expanding business formation. Kathryn’s diverse and substantial background in European employment law and business, allows her to close out complex issues and provide legal counsel in many different areas within the business. Kathryn’s expertise as the European Counsel for Globalization Partners is crucial for producing tangible and viable solutions in legal matters.


    Barbara Mangan - Global Audit & Compliance Manager

    Barbara Mangan is the Global Audit and Compliance Manager at Globalization Partners. Being an HR professional with a legal background, she has an ability to combine deep legal knowledge with a pragmatic commercial sense of HR best practice. During her seventeen year HR career, Barbara has held strategic HR roles in large multinational companies including Volkswagen, Novartis and IQVIA. Barbara has also provided consultancy and HR advisory services to clients in the pharmaceutical, IT, online media, aviation, professional services, banking, and financial sectors. She is a Fellow of the Federation of International Employers, which was awarded in recognition of her standing in the fields of international human resource management, employment law, and practice.