Growing With Trust

We are constantly adapting developing and learning sometimes at a pace that's well beyond our comfort zone.

We are constantly adapting, developing and learning - sometimes at a pace that's well beyond our comfort zone. This practical session explores ways to be an ally to yourself at any moment: whether you're winning or whether you've just made a big mistake. We'll explore practices to cultivate confidence and trust in yourself (without falling victim to perfectionism). These can help you to generate unconditional self-care and move through your day with more ease and groundedness.



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Meet the presenters 

Orla O'Sullivan, PhD

Orla O’Sullivan is internationally recognized for her teachings on living mindfully and cultivating happiness. She has been practicing mindfulness for over 20 years in the tradition of Plum Village / Thich Nhat Hanh and is a leader in Mindfulness and Character Strengths. Her work supports people to create happier communities - whether as part of a business, family, or school.

Orla is International Co-ordinator for Wake Up Schools, an international grass-roots movement to support teachers and create mindful educational communities. A founding member of the Community for Contemplative Education (an initiative of Mind & Life Europe), Orla also serves on the Steering Group on Mindfulness in Education for the Mindfulness Initiative UK.

She is an advisor to the World Happiness Festival and speaks regularly at conferences, including the Mindful Kids Peace Summit, Mindfulness in Education Summit, and various wellbeing and mindfulness events. She is an award-winning author and holds a PhD in English literature.