Michele Honomichl

Michele Honomichl
Product Evangelist & Multi-Country

On this podcast, you have the opportunity to share in Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey's discussion with Product Evangelist and Multi-Country ADP Michele Honomichl.  

Michele’s innovative journey in payroll began when she decided to simply listen to people, find out what they wanted and do her best to fix it.  When told something couldn’t be done, Michelle found a way to meet that challenge head-on.  She discusses the many highs and lows of building multimillion-dollar Global Payroll service provider Celergo.

Michele advocates the importance of connecting with people - in our working and personal lives - and the lessons you can learn from everyone you meet.  

She confides the invaluable influence her father had on her career, the wider importance of her family, and the role a pig called Winston plays!


47 mins