United Kingdom Statutory Leave and Pay 2020/21

United Kingdom Statutory Leave and Pay 2020/21

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    United Kingdom

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2020 Material

It is aimed at those who are looking to start running a payroll in the UK for their organisation, or those who are utilising the services of a service provider who want a better understanding of the setup requirements so they are better able to support their business and ensure compliance in their organisation.

This is a high level pre-recorded webcast, aimed at giving candidates an overview of what is required to set up a company and payroll responsibilities in the UK.

Like many countries the UK has a range of different types of statutory
leave and payments that employees are entitled to receive and cover
annual leave, time off and pay for parents, sickness and flexible working.

The entitlement, calculating the payments and the treatment of the
payments is complex and requires HR and Payroll to work closely

Some of the legislation is UK based, others are from the EU but have
been gold plated in the UK. In addition this case law whether in the UK
courts or the European Courts of Justice have also had an impact for
very specific circumstances.

All of which means that payroll teams have a lot of legislation to consider when processing these statutory payments and leave; and what’s more some payroll systems can manage all the appropriate record keeping and calculations whilst others only support part of the requirements and manual calculations and record keeping is required.
This course will give you all the information you need to ensure you understand how to process payments, the interaction between the different types of leave and payments, the records that must be kept, employment rights and the information you must provide to your

Course content:

Module One

  • The right to leave
    • Employment law
  • The right to pay
    • Employment law and taxation
  • Paid and unpaid.

Module Two


  • The right to leave
    • Employment law
  • The right to pay
    • Social Security and taxation law
  • Terminology and notification.

Module Three


  • The right to leave
    • Employment law
  • The right to pay
    • Employment law and taxation
  • Terminology and notification
    • The Period of Incapacity for Work
    • Qualifying Days
    • Waiting Days
    • Linking.

Module Four 

Maternity Leave and Pay 

  • Rights of pregnant employees / employer obligations
    • Antenatal appointments
    • Health and safety
    • Maternity leave
    • Employment protection
    • The right to return.

Module Five 

Maternity Leave and Pay 

  • Recap of Statutory Maternity Leave
  • The key weeks for Statutory Maternity Pay
  • The qualifying criteria
  • The calculations
  • The guidance.

Module Six 

  • Adoption Leave and Pay v Maternity Leave and Pay
  • The guidance.

Module Seven 

Paternity Leave and Pay 

  • Births and adoptions
  • Entitlement to Leave
  • Entitlement to Pay
  • The guidance.

Module Eight

Shared Parental Leave and Pay 

  • Overview
  • Eligibility
  • Entitlement
  • Starting Leave
  • Blocks.

Module Nine 

Statutory Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay

  • Guidance
  • Overview
  • Leave
  • Pay
  • Eligibility.

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