Regional Focus

[UK] Scottish Budget Delay [UK] Scottish Budget Delay

For anyone looking for a write-up of the draft Scottish budget, please have a read of this news piece.
18 Dec 2019

[UK] The Conservative Party Manifesto [UK] The Conservative Party Manifesto

So now we know that there will be a majority Conservative Party government in Westminster.  So it is relevant to...
17 Dec 2019

[UK] UK Budget Cancelled [UK] UK Budget Cancelled

On the 14th of October 2019, Chancellor Sajid Javid said that he would be holding the UK budget on the 6th of...
31 Oct 2019

[UK] Mr Stride to lead Treasury Select Committee [UK] Mr Stride to lead Treasury Select Committee

Former HM Treasury minister and Conservative MP for Central Devon has been elected as the new chair of the important Treasury Select...
27 Oct 2019

[UK] Welsh Assembly Changes Name [UK] Welsh Assembly Changes Name

The Wales Act 2017 gave Wales the power for the welsh rate of income tax, changed the devolution settlement to...
16 Oct 2019

[UK] CEST Available soon [UK] CEST Available soon

With the advent of off-payroll working in the private sector set to become a reality in April 2020, many employers...
14 Oct 2019

[UK] Payments due under PAYE Settlement Agreements [UK] Payments due under PAYE Settlement Agreements

In a blog on the 2nd of October 2019, HMRC gave important information for employers who have payments to make under a PAYE...
10 Oct 2019