White Papers

GPA White Papers are based on research and surveys carried out by the Global Payroll Community. Each White Paper provides new and essential insight into what is happening within the Global Payroll Community.

The GPA White Papers

Cyber Response: A Toolkit for Payroll Professionals

Cybersecurity threats are a growing concern for contemporary organisations. When the payroll function is directly or indirectly interrupted by an incident, Payroll must be able to react quickly and efficiently to mitigate the effects of any potential breach. “Cyber Response: A Toolkit for Payroll Professionals” has been created to support an effective response to cyber-attacks and incidents.

Recognizing the Integral Role of Payroll in an HR Transformation

An HR transformation is a fundamental change journey for any organisation and one that requires the input and participation of all the key stakeholders. With the fingerprints of payroll on so many essential elements of any transformation, it is time to recognise both its existing contribution and the further value payroll could add. In this white paper, the GPA - in partnership with Safeguard Global - explores the integral role payroll plays.

Remofirst Global Hiring Kit

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an ideal solution to move employees globally and minimise the risk of a misstep along the way, for organisations without an entity in multiple countries. An EOR becomes the legal employer and undertakes all the financial and labour law risks while the client retains control over their employees and business strategy. But how do you know if an EOR is a good fit foryourorganisation? The Remofirst Global Hiring Kit is an information-rich resource to familiarise you with EOR services and help walk you through the decision-making process.

Beyond the Great Resignation: Managing Compliance in a Work-from-Anywhere Future

Remote work policies appear to be a good option for recruiting and retaining top global talent because remote or hybrid working offers both financial and work-life balance benefits for employees. For employers, however, an increasingly global workforce presents complex payroll challenges. In this white paper, the GPA - with Elements Global Services - gives an overview of the Great Resignation and explores key considerations for maintaining global payroll compliance while hiring internationally.

Employer of Record

In the wake of the pandemic, agile companies will be best positioned to ride the economic recovery wave. However, businesses with plans to expand internationally must be familiar with the labour and taxation laws of any new country to remain compliant. For that reason, many choose to work with an Employer of Record (EOR); a global employment service that acts as a legal employer in the destination country. In this white paper, the GPA - together with Elements Global Services - takes you through everything you need to know about Employer of Record services.

Is your organisation set up and prepared for the Global Payroll & HR of the future?

Globalisation enables the complex network of trade routes, international legal agreements and telecommunications infrastructure which are an integral part of and a huge benefit to the way we work. The GPA - together with Iris FMP - asked whether your organisation has the tools and strategies in place for the global payroll and HR of the future.

Is Global Payroll Setup to Impact the Bigger Business Picture?

The contemporary global payroll industry is becoming increasingly competitive and diverse. Ongoing trends towards globalisation are resulting in companies expanding into new geographies. In this white paper, the GPA - together with Immedis - discovered the true extent to which the global payroll function is currently set up to impact businesses more broadly, both operationally and from a strategic point of view.

The State of Play for On-Demand Pay

As the way we work evolves there is increasing scrutiny on the way we pay. The flexibility of on-demand pay offers a contemporary way for employees to access their earnings yet it is not without its challenges. In this white paper the GPA, together with Ceridian, take a deep dive into on-demand pay to explore the positives and the pitfalls.

Service Provider Survey 2019

Does your experience affirm that your payroll service provider still provides a service? The GPA receives plenty of anecdotal evidence that this is not the case across the industry. For that reason, the 2019 GPA Survey was specifically designed to investigate how its members felt about this important issue.

The Power of Payroll 2019

This White Paper has been prepared from responses to the 2019 Global Payroll Annual Survey with the aim of giving valuable insights for payroll and HR professionals to identify areas where their operations can be optimised.

The Annual Global Payroll Survey 2017

Among the biggest challenges that many global and in-country payroll professionals face are the sheer complexity of local regulations and a lack of access to a single international payroll software system to help automate such complexity away. But times are now starting to change.

Payslip Management 2016

This year we wanted to give our valued payroll professionals a voice about how they produce and
deal with payslips - both the electronic and traditional paper kinds. We wanted a better insight and
understanding into the payslip market and the challenges that our payroll professionals face.