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Transformation Guide

ADP has authored a series of thought-provoking articles exploring the relationship between organisations and payroll. From the HR and payroll challenges of global expansion to the rich resources of payroll data; from the payroll skills shortage to the true cost of inefficient processes; this series helps to identify and solve obstacles and appreciate and embrace the ever-greater asset payroll can become to companies navigating a treacherous business landscape.

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Inefficient payroll processes: a hindrance to growth plans?

Agile companies with the ability to grow are the best placed to survive in the post-pandemic business landscape. Research and analysis from ADP reveal how more efficient payroll processes and improved access to the valuable insights payroll data holds can help to deliver strategic goals.

Global expansion - HR and payroll compliance challenges

Many companies have set their sights on international expansion, despite global uncertainty and supply chain disruptions, but the question of which countries to consider is complex. Various factors can affect that decision, such as the industry sector, current locations and the size of the organisation.

The benefits of data-driven payroll for company growth

For organisations to survive the contemporary economic and political climate, they must make smart choices. The insights that payroll data offers can speed up entry into new markets and help companies expand while avoiding poor decisions.