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Women In Payroll

Angela Wagner

Angela WagnerSenior Director, Global PayrollHilton Graham Wylie and I had the pleasure of interviewing Angela Wagner for our Women in
57 mins

Virginia Magliulo

Angela WagnerPresident Global View HCMADP We are pleased to share a brand-new GPA podcast featuring Virginia Magliulo -President Global View

Alex Little

Alex LittleEMEA Hub Leader Global Workforce OperationsAvery Dennison For this engaging podcast, Graham Wylie and I met with Alex Little

Michele Honomichl

Michele HonomichlProduct Evangelist & Multi-CountryADP On this podcast, you have the opportunity to share in Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey's
47 mins

Zennie Sjölund

Zennie SjölundDivisional Director PayrollSrf konsulterna On this podcast, Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey speak with Zennie Sjölund, the Sweden-based Divisional
58 mins

Kate Upcraft

Kate UpcraftLecturer, Writer, Conference Speaker Join Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey in conversation with Kate Upcraft as they explore how
41 mins

Joy Hartigan

Joy HartiganDirector, Payroll Global Process OwnerMicrosoft Share in the discussion Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey have as they meet with
58 mins

Jenny Garrett

Jenny GarrettCareer Coach and Leadership Trainer For this dialogue, Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey are joined by award-winning Career Coach
40 mins

Ayse Nazmiye Uca

Ayse Nazmiye UcaCEODatassist Payroll Services For this podcast, Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey unite in conversation with Ayse Nazmiye Uca
40 mins

Marcela Uribe

Marcela UribeVice President, General Counsel EME & MNC ADP I am joined by Graham Wylie for this unforgettable podcast with Marcela
46 mins

Annemarie Verwaaijen-Kalsbeek

Annemarie Verwaaijen-KalsbeekExecutive Director Global Payroll & Global MobilityNCROnce again Graham Wylie and I have had the opportunity to share our
50 mins