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Virginia Magliulo

Angela Wagner
President Global View HCM

We are pleased to share a brand-new GPA podcast featuring Virginia Magliulo -President Global View HCM of ADP- which we recorded in May during lockdown. Virginia had embarked on a new global role and shared with us some of the challenges she faced and the steps she had taken to overcome them.

Virginia reiterated that effective communication with your team is essential, as is understanding different cultures and the impact they have in the workplace, especially during the heightened circumstances of the pandemic.

Join Graham, Virginia and I in conversation as Virginia revisits her payroll journey and the more challenging terrain she has navigated, particularly working in a male-dominated industry. And learn why Virginia values technology as well as customer service.

Virginia’s journey differs from many others within payroll because she began her career as an engineer. Having been only in the payroll industry for 5 years, Virginia admits that she initially underestimated how hard it can be to run payroll but quickly underwent a crash course in the complexities and the pitfalls involved in achieving a 100 per cent accurate global payroll.