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Marcela Uribe

Marcela Uribe
Vice President, General Counsel EME & MNC 

I am joined by Graham Wylie for this unforgettable podcast with Marcela Uribe, Vice President, General Counsel EME & MNC of ADP. Marcela shares with us her life as an American in Paris, from her arrival as a non-French speaker through the journey of making it her professional and personal home. Marcela had initially relocated for a few years yet is still there 14 years later!

Marcela is one of the pioneers who developed and built the way we deliver Global Payroll today. She offers her incisive take on how the industry has changed and her predictions for the future. Like many Global Managers, Marcela appreciates the challenges of managing people around the globe. Sharing the wealth of her own experience, she reveals how to apply negotiation skills to the situation while remaining mindful of the people you manage.

46 mins