Women in Payroll

During these podcasts, Women in Payroll, Melanie Pizzey CEO of Global Payroll Association, and Graham Wylie VP of Marketing International of ADP meet inspirational women who work within or touch the payroll industry from all around the world.

Throughout each podcast, many experiences are shared, how each person started out, the challenges they have had to overcome and why the payroll industry has got its claws into them.

Amber Visconti

Amber Visconti
Global Payroll Director

For this episode, Graham and Melanie had the inspiring opportunity to meet with Amber Visconti.  Amber is a Global Payroll Director who, like so many payroll professionals, seemingly fell into the payroll industry.  Having just left University, Amber applied for a position within a payroll organisation that jumped at the chance to use her multi-language skills.  Amber has a love of mathematics and languages and found that her skill set fits beautifully with her new payroll position. Since then she has not looked back!  Working for many well-known organisations, Amber has specialised in high volume global payrolls.