Women in Payroll

During these podcasts, Women in Payroll, Melanie Pizzey CEO of Global Payroll Association, and Graham Wylie VP of Marketing International of ADP meet inspirational women who work within or touch the payroll industry from all around the world.

Throughout each podcast, many experiences are shared, how each person started out, the challenges they have had to overcome and why the payroll industry has got its claws into them.

Val Flight

Val Flight
Head of Payroll at Westpac Group

In this entertaining episode, Val Flight - Head of Payroll at Westpac Group - confides how her curiosity and skill for picking apart and breaking systems made her ideally suited for life as a payroll professional and shares her perspective on utilising AI. From receiving her first proper payslip in a convenience store job at 17 to becoming the driving force behind payroll at one of Australia’s Big Four banks, Val walks us through the evolution of her career and how a change of location gave her a whole new perspective, personally and professionally.