Women in Payroll

During these podcasts, Women in Payroll, Melanie Pizzey CEO of Global Payroll Association, and Graham Wylie VP of Marketing International of ADP meet inspirational women who work within or touch the payroll industry from all around the world.

Throughout each podcast, many experiences are shared, how each person started out, the challenges they have had to overcome and why the payroll industry has got its claws into them.

Kate Upcraft

Kate Upcraft
Lecturer, Writer, Conference Speaker

Join Graham Wylie and Melanie Pizzey in conversation with Kate Upcraft as they explore how Kate achieved the success she enjoys today.  Kate is a successful self-employed conference speaker, lecturer and writer on legislative issues. In our discussion, she will detail her journey from employment as Payroll Manager of Marks and Spencers to setting out on her own and building a successful business within the UK Payroll Industry.

Kate shares her thoughts on the UK Payroll Industry as it currently stands and the impact the election and government will have on its future. Kate also predicts how the future will look for the industry and gives the reasons behind her belief in the absolute importance of new blood.


41 mins