Budget Update 2023: Switzerland

Budget Update 2023: Switzerland

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Who is this course for?

The seminar is designed for HR and payroll professionals, fiduciaries/outsourcers, payroll coordinators as well as other interested parties who have to deal with this matter.

Course Trainers

  • Brigitte

    Managing director and Lecturer

    Brigitte is the managing director and offers HR/Payroll consulting as well as her own training courses based on her many years of work and experience. She is also a lecturer at various training institutes such as the Zurich University of Applied Sciences for Management and Law in Switzerland. She has qualified as a teacher, a fiduciary with a federal certificate, MAS in Human Capital Management, DAS Compliance in Human Resources and many other trainings, especially in the field of management.

What will be covered?

The ongoing changes in the area of human resources and payroll create a real challenge for companies. But these should be recognised and implemented correctly. I will present the changes that have occurred and those that are to be expected and show the need for action.

This webinar covers the different areas of law such as social security, taxes/wage statement, withholding taxes, employment law and more.


  • Contribution increases and new limits
  • Law revision AHV 21 (first pillar) - need for adjustment for payroll and HR
  • Adoption leave as of 1.1.2023 and updates in the area of family allowances
  • Selected updated withholding tax calculations
  • Innovations with regard to the various withholding tax agreements on cross-border commuters
  • Further news