Global Payroll Associations Certificate in Global Payroll, Leadership, Strategy design and Transformation

Global Payroll Associations Certificate in Global Payroll, Leadership, Strategy design and Transformation

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The GPA Certificate in Global Payroll Leadership is designed for payroll professionals and/or managers who have responsibility for multi country payroll delivery. The course specifically addresses the responsibilities of multi country payroll ‘owners’, regional payroll owners and global payroll owners. The course will equip these payroll professionals with practical tools to implement or enhance payroll Governance, and addresses the structured approach to revisit and develop (global) payroll strategies – highlighting the need for rigour in the development of these strategies, including practical considerations.

Who is this course for?

You may want to consider this GPA Certificate in Global Payroll if you: Have a primary focus on or ownership responsibility for multi-country/regional or global payroll governance and risk management Have a responsibility for regional/ global strategy and delivery models, whether in-house or via a third party Have operational responsibility for multi-country payrolls and aspire to ownership of payrolls at either a regional or global level.

What will you achieve?

Once you have completed all the modules, you will be able to develop a global payroll strategy, manage global payroll transformations more effectively, understand requests for proposals (purchase) (RFPs) and deal with remote teams and stakeholders. In addition, you will be able to assess your current payroll Governance framework and implement an enhanced Governance model to manage payroll control and risk across your country set.

*The Global Payroll Association's certificate in Global Payroll, Leadership, Strategy design, and Transformation is not included in any membership level and is to be purchased as a stand-alone product. However, this course can be discounted using the GPA Members discount.

What will be covered?



  • Meet the trainers
  • The importance of true payroll ‘ownership’
  • Agenda Overview

Payroll Governance:

The payroll process will go unnoticed all year until failure occurs. 
When a Corporate Audit occurs suddenly, everyone is interested in payroll. 
A solid robust Governance framework will address ongoing proactive risk management of payroll.

What is Governance?
Why do we need Governance? 
Roles and Responsibilities
Key Governance elements implementing a lens into multi country
RegionalGlobal Payroll control and risk management

Global Payroll Strategy - Where to start:

Payroll has often been a poor relation in HR Transformation projects. The impact on payroll is, at best, underestimated or, at worst, overlooked. Developing a global payroll strategy requires that you have a clear understanding of the wider business context within which payroll sits, you utilise a rigorous methodology
and that you approach the development of future (global) payroll strategy development with ‘eyes wide open’.

What is a global payroll strategy?
Developing a global payroll strategy
Key elements of a global strategy
Developing a logical flow to the strategy
Modularising the approach to developing the strategy
What should be considered, and who should be involved in a global payroll service delivery model?
 What value does it add to the payroll organisation?

Request for Purchase (RFP):

Often, your payroll strategy will require 3rd party payroll service provision. Selecting tactical or strategic vendor support for your payrolls is a critical decision. The decision should be taken as a result of a rigorous process. Only a rigorous selection process will help to assure that you select a payroll provider(s) who is appropriate for your organisation can meet your current and future needs
and with whom you can build a true payroll delivery partnership.

Request for proposal (RFP)When do you require an RFP?
Preparing for an RFP
Key components of a global payroll RFP
Evaluating a global RFP response.
Detailed review of shortlisted service providers (Deep dive)
Contracting Implementation considerations

Global Payroll Transformation projects - What can go wrong?:

Developing the payroll strategy, getting leadership buy-in, and contracting with third-party partners is just the beginning. There are many reasons why these projects stumble and fail. Being aware of recurring failures or dangers should allow you to plan in advance to mitigate project risk and hopefully avoid the things that can blow your project off track.

Main causes of global project failure
How to mitigate the risk of failure
Effective change management of global payroll transformation projects
The importance of plans

Change Management:

Payroll strategy change involving transformation is complex and will seriously impact the business. These projects require compelling and continuous leadership and communication – not everyone understands what you understand.

Change management during the project
Stakeholder management

Today's Multi-country payroll Challenges:

Payroll as a profession has improved its capability and increased its profile in businesses today. Yet we still see some worrying trends in global payroll, and there are signs that the service provider market is in a ‘race to the bottom’.

The challenges facing global payroll today.Service, service, service


We will have covered a lot of complexity together. Here is our chance to recap the main messages to reinforce our understanding and ensure we can confidently move forward in our future global payroll leadership roles.

Governance v Do you feel lucky?
Strategy development v Speed dating
Payroll of the 1980’s v Payroll 2020

A comprehensive course covering global payroll strategy design and multi-country and global governance and risk management equipping you with the skills and confidence to prepare, manage and run multi-country and global payrolls. The GPA deliver courses worldwide, tailored to your specific payroll needs.

Course Trainers

  • Graham Jenkins

    Director at The Consultant Connection Ltd

    Our trainer has been engaged with multiple clients, across multiple sectors, assisting them with the development of their global payroll strategies and identifying their payroll transformation opportunities. He advises on global payroll 'governance' and on-going risk management and control. Recognised as a global payroll authority and thought leader he is a regular keynote speaker and contributor to global payroll events and international conferences.

  • Andy Tester

    Senior Consultant of The Consultant Connection Ltd

    Our trainer is a senior consultant working on offerings development, methodologies and delivery of global payroll consultancy. He is an experienced business professional with more than 25 years’ experience in IBM. During his career he has worked extensively across Finance and HR functions at country and geography levels including his roles as EMEA Payroll and T&E Process Owner and within Corporate Business Controls.