Overview of Payroll in Canada - Learning Payroll 1

Overview of Payroll in Canada - Learning Payroll 1

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Learning Payroll I provides an introduction to the payroll function. Learn about establishing the employee-employer relationship, hiring a new employee, employment standards requirements, taxable benefits and allowances along with the payroll practitioner's key role in withholding statutory deductions from employment income.

This full-day seminar provides opportunities to ask questions, network with other professionals, and learn from best practice examples. Valuable take home materials include Setting-up A New Payroll Checklist and Learning Payroll I printed material.

The first-step in payroll - Learning Payroll I is ideal for:

  • New staff with no or limited exposure to payroll and junior payroll staff
  • Practitioners returning to the payroll field
  • Other professionals who have functional responsibility for payroll (bookkeepers, accountants, and HR professionals)
  • Suppliers providing payroll services to corporate customers.

What will you achieve?

  • Identify concepts of the roles and responsibilities of payroll compliance
  • Identify whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor
  • Describe basic employment standards
  • Recognize common taxable benefits and allowances
  • Understand the basic concepts of payroll deductions
  • Calculate manually to produce a net pay

Course Trainers

What will be covered?


  • Defining payroll
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Earnings and deductions
  • Methods of payment
  • Controls and security

    Employer-Employee Relationship:

  • Employee-employer relationship
  • Hiring an employee

    Employment/Labour Standards:

  • Minimum wage
  • Pay frequency
  • Pay statement
  • Hours of work
  • Overtime
  • Rest periods
  • Statutory holidays
  • Vacation pay and time
  • Leaves

    Taxable Benefits and Allowances:

  • Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Group term life insurance premiums
  • Private health care/insurance plan (Quebec only)
  • Registered retirement savings plan
  • Gift and awards
  • Automobile allowance
  • Meal allowance (overtime)
  • Uniforms and special clothing

    Producing a Regular Pay:

  • Gross earnings
  • Insurable earnings
  • Pensionable earnings
  • Net Taxable Income
  • Statutory deductions
  • Calculating the net pay