Overview of Payroll in Israel - Combined

Overview of Payroll in Israel - Combined

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Israeli payroll is a complex field with lots of laws and regulations. This course will give you an opportunity to understand the basics of the Israeli Payroll, covering the main topics such as Income tax, National Insurances, Labor law, Pension etc., for both employers and employees.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed for those who are managing payroll services or who processes payroll (Finance, payroll &HR Professionals) for Israel in their organization and need better understanding of legislative and legal requirements involved, support their business, and ensure compliance.

What will you achieve?

You will have the fundamental knowledge and understanding of payroll processing in Israel. You will be familiar with the employer rights & obligations, as well as the employees’, calculation of gross payments and deduction, pay slips and other forms. You will have the comprehension of periodic payment and will be able to answer employees’ queries.

What will be covered?

Course Overview 

Labor Law

  • Hourly/ Monthly/ Globally
  • Working Hours and Rest Law
  • Wage Protection Law (1958)
  • Time and attendance

Statutory Deductions 

  • Income tax
  • Tax coordination and tax refund.
  • NI (National Insurances
  • RSUs and Options

Pension and Study Funds

  • Eligibility
  • Fund components: benefits, compensation, work disability and calculations.
  • Wage components for pension.
  • Pension Consultant and operations
  • work disability.
  • Health insurance


  • Annual vacation leave
  • Sick leave
  • Parental leave (Maternity/ Paternity)
  • Public Holiday (religious)
  • Reserves duty
  • Work disability
  • Work accident


  • Forms - 101, 106, 161, BL 250
  • New Hires
  • Termination –
    Resignation and Dismissal (compensation, notice period, redemption of vacation and convalescence days, 161 


    Even though the course is delivered online there is the opportunity to ask the presenter any technical questions or request additional support throughout.

      Course Trainers

      • Rebecca

        Senior Payroll Specialist and Consultant

        Our trainer is an experienced payroll and HR specialist, with over 19 years of experience of Israeli payroll and over 8 years of Global payroll. Worked in startup companies as well as well established companies, responsible for various assimilation and implementation of payroll system and establishment of payroll division. Providing payroll and HR consultant & training and an Implementation consultant. Experienced in reviews & redesign HR and payroll policies, automation processes and procedures. Payroll compliance, audit, governance reviews.