Using Skills and Strengths to Boost Your Career


Using Skills and Strengths to Boost Your Career

Yvonne Akinmodun leads this inspiring GPA Masterclass, offering guidance on assessing your skills with a skills audit and determining your strengths. What is the best way to use your understanding of these to boost your career? Yvonne also explores overcoming weaknesses and the role your own expectations play.





Meet the presenters 


Yvonne Akinmodun is a certified Executive & Career Coach

Yvonne’s passion is working with people to help them realise their full potential. Prior to becoming a career coach in 2017, She was a full time HR consultant from 2009. Prior to 2009, She worked as a HR Director for a large housing organisation in London.
As a career coach, she has appeared in career podcasts, been interviewed on radio and written articles about leadership and career coaching. She coaches professionals and executives to take charge and manage their careers which often includes developing their career confidence on a one to one or group basis.

She helps her clients strike the balance between empowering their own job search while motivating them to follow their true vocation.

Her career coaching involves using the proprietary Authentic Vocation™ system. With the system, she is able to help her clients turn confusion into clarity and find the career they were born to do and help them make a successful transition from one career or job to another in the shortest time possible.