Humans of Payroll

Humans of Payroll is a dedicated podcast celebrating first-rate individuals of the payroll industry from all around the world. Melanie Pizzey, CEO of Global Payroll Association, met with true payroll professionals who shared their experiences and the challenges they have met along their career paths.

In entertaining dialogues with these key industry figures, we discover the personalities behind the professionals and learn the characteristics you need to become a true payroll professional.

Andrew Finch


Andrew Finch
HR Operations & Payroll Manager
Cambridge Education Group

Tara O’Sullivan and Melanie Pizzey sit down with Andrew Finch - HR Operations and Payroll Manager at Cambridge Education Group - to discuss his payroll journey and views on the industry's future.  This engaging conversation makes it evident why Andrew and his team won Transformation Project of the Year 2020.

Andrew's working life began in a supermarket where he gained valuable insights, especially from his time in customer service.  In his time at the supermarket, Andrew worked across different departments and felt that payroll was his real calling. Though in time he moved away from payroll, he would have the opportunity to return.

Through his role at the supermarket, Andrew was awarded a scholarship to attend university. Following his studies, he was given the opportunity to start work with a new incarnation of the chain; a budget supermarket to rival Lidl and Aldi. He took away invaluable lessons from the experience.

Andrew has carried through his commitment to ensuring that people are happy from his time on the frontline of supermarket customer service and maintaining correct payroll is key to employee happiness for him. Communication continues to play a big part in Andrew's payroll journey; like looking at real-time payslips and helping an employee understand how their pay is calculated.

Andrew believes in considering other perspectives and looking at different ways of doing things. He keeps his future aspirations in mind so he can continue to find the best path towards achieving them.


57 mins