Humans of Payroll

Humans of Payroll is a dedicated podcast celebrating first-rate individuals of the payroll industry from all around the world. Melanie Pizzey, CEO of Global Payroll Association, met with true payroll professionals who shared their experiences and the challenges they have met along their career paths.

In entertaining dialogues with these key industry figures, we discover the personalities behind the professionals and learn the characteristics you need to become a true payroll professional.

Ricardo Rehkopf

Ricardo Rehkopf
Senior Director - Global Payroll
Delivery Hero

Tara O'Sullivan and Melanie Pizzey shared this podcast with Ricardo Rehkopf - Senior Director - Global Payroll at Delivery Hero 

Ricardo began his career journey fully intending to be a nutritionist but a total change of direction saw him becoming a Global payroll Director instead!  He fell into his first payroll role and then - like so many of us within the payroll industry - was bitten by the bug and hasn’t looked back since.  Ricardo has worked in a bureau environment and also in-house within organisations and his payroll journey has led him into many different countries and across continents, taking full advantage of the multiple languages he speaks.

Ricardo believes that payroll should be its own department but understands that a crucial part of making a payroll department successful is to work closely with all other departments and to remain open to finding ways to work together.  Ricardo is also passionate about increasing the role of the payroll department internally as well as externally and feels social media has a positive part to play in achieving this goal.


42 mins