Humans of Payroll

Humans of Payroll is a dedicated podcast celebrating first-rate individuals of the payroll industry from all around the world. Melanie Pizzey, CEO of Global Payroll Association, met with true payroll professionals who shared their experiences and the challenges they have met along their career paths.

In entertaining dialogues with these key industry figures, we discover the personalities behind the professionals and learn the characteristics you need to become a true payroll professional.

Richard Limpkin


Richard Limpkin
Chief Product and Technology Officer

Melanie had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Limpkin for this episode of Humans of Payroll.  Find out here how Richards's background in Science and Engineering set him up for his successful career in the payroll industry.  Payroll is Richards's passion, particularly discovering new ways that technology can help payroll professionals deliver effectively. Richard also shares with us his views on the hot topic of Early Wage Access (On-Demand Pay) and you might be surprised by his response!



43 mins