6 Months of Brexit — What Has Happened So Far, and What Does the Future Hold for the UK?


Britain separated from the European Union on Jan. 1, 2021. This new chapter has permanently reshaped the UK’s economy, politics, and borders. However, there’s one question that continues to baffle many in the international community — what does the future hold for the UK?

Despite receiving more than five million applications for the EU settlement scheme, hundreds of thousands of EU citizens are still in limbo, as they have yet to hear back about the status of their applications. There is also a bigger unknown surrounding the EU citizens who have not yet applied for the scheme, as they would be declared unlawful residents in the UK after the deadline of June 30, 2021.

Companies could face civil penalties if they are found employing illegal workers and have not carried out the correct right to work checks. What does this mean for employers, and what are the consequences of these changes on global payroll, especially for companies hiring employees from other countries within the EU?

Join Globalization Partners’ experts Barbara Mangan, Global Audit & Compliance Manager, and  Kathryn Barnes, Employment Counsel EMEA, as they recap the first six months of Brexit, and discuss what the future could hold for the UK.

The session will cover:

  • The impact of new rules around Brexit for employers and employees.
  • What is next for the UK in terms of immigration and employment.
  • How the payroll community should prepare to tackle difficulties arising due to Covid-19 and Brexit.



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    Meet the presenters 

     Kathryn Barnes, Employment Counsel, EMEA, Globalization Partners

    Based in the UK, Kathryn is the European Counsel for Globalization Partners. Kathryn deals with any and all legal matters pertaining to employment law and supports the company’s ever-expanding business formation. Kathryn’s diverse and substantial background in European employment law and business, allows her to close out complex issues and provide legal counsel in many different areas within the business. Kathryn’s expertise as the European Counsel for Globalization Partners is crucial for producing tangible and viable solutions in legal matters.


    Barbara Mangan - Global Audit & Compliance Manager

    Barbara Mangan is the Global Audit and Compliance Manager at Globalization Partners. Being an HR professional with a legal background, she has an ability to combine deep legal knowledge with a pragmatic commercial sense of HR best practice. During her seventeen year HR career, Barbara has held strategic HR roles in large multinational companies including Volkswagen, Novartis and IQVIA. Barbara has also provided consultancy and HR advisory services to clients in the pharmaceutical, IT, online media, aviation, professional services, banking, and financial sectors. She is a Fellow of the Federation of International Employers, which was awarded in recognition of her standing in the fields of international human resource management, employment law, and practice.