How data is changing the face of Global Payroll

How data is changing the face of Global Payroll

Did you know 45% of organizations lack confidence in their payroll operating models to Global payroll has a story to tell, and new data requests are coming from multiple stakeholders across organizations. To respond to these requests, this data must first be accessed and released via smart reporting and analytics tools. Standardized data consolidated in a single location along with payroll ecosystem technology integrations are needed for this. 

Once released, this crucial data can then be consolidated across countries and made available to multiple stakeholders for insight, analysis and informed decision making. Now they can read the story behind the data, from bigger picture macro insights right down to the micro details that can make all the difference. 

This session will explain the types of valuable data that may be hidden in your payroll ecosystem right now and how technology can help you release the data.  

The session will also examine how payroll professionals, equipped with data access and reporting tools can become data scientists and change how payroll is perceived.


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Meet the presenters 

Fidelma McGuirk, CEO & Founder, Payslip 

Fidelma McGuirk, founder and CEO of the leading global payroll control platform which harmonizes global payroll operations to fuel growth efficiency for today’s business leaders. 

McGuirk has 20+ years’ experience scaling international business and leading multi-national teams, Global HR& IT functions. McGuirk identified the need for a global payroll technology solution to help multinational employers standardize and centrally manage their global payroll.  

Founding Payslip in Westport, Ireland in 2016, it now has teams and clients across the US & EU markets. Payslip clients use Payslip technology across 120 countries in EU, AsiaPac, LATAM & the Americas.