Inside the Industry: Global Payroll Setup Today and Future Impact

At the beginning of 2021, Immedis and the GPA joined forces to get inside information from those within the industry today and gather their valuable insights into key areas such as payroll operations, vendor relations, and technology – all of which combine to dictate the impact that payroll can have on wider business strategy.

Where are providers letting organizations down? What do industry trends in technology adoption look like? Is employee experience still not seen as a key area that payroll can influence? Join this upcoming webinar where our panel will answer these questions and more as we discuss findings at length – from those that shocked us to positive trends – and take a deeper dive into the why behind the statistics.


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Meet the presenters 

Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis
In her role as Chief Marketing Officer, Tara ensures Immedis’ go to market strategy presents our brand, our voice, and our vision consistently and authoritatively. Her 25+ year’s experience in B2B technology and marketing puts a particular focus on product marketing, branding, and driving strategic growth.

Tara recently served as Chief Marketing Officer at Skillsoft, the world’s largest eLearning company where she led a highly ambitious and successful transformation of the business. In addition, she has also held leadership positions in Oracle, IONA Technologies, SAS, and TES Global.

Felicia Cheek has been an active citizen of the payroll community for more than 25 years.  She enjoys being an advocate and advisor for payroll professionals around the world.  Over the last 14 years she’s had the pleasure of advising large multinational companies on how to optimize best practices and technology to create a comprehensive global payroll strategy.  Felicia has recently joined Oracle where she is responsible for the Global Oracle Cloud Payroll strategy.  She is a member of the Global Payroll Association and the APA, where she received their prestigious Meritorious Award in 2009 and was inducted into the Payroll Hall of Fame.  She also earned the Global Payroll Management Certificate in 2011.   Felicia believes at the end of the day, it’s all about payroll!