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Pursuing Post-Brexit Expansion Plans: Top Strategies for Payroll Professionals

Date:  28th January 2021

Time: 15.00 GMT

Price: FREE


European businesses have struggled in the past year adapting to extraordinary circumstances prompted by Covid-19. December 2020 also marked a milestone when a trade deal was finally agreed upon between the UK and the European Union, ending their fifty-year old relationship. It’s not “business as usual” anymore. Companies are grappling with what a remote-first approach to team building looks like.

If employees ask to be relocated near family, companies may want to explore providing this option.  And beyond reacting to recent changes due to Brexit and the global business landscape, companies also are exploring proactive approaches to international growth. Organizations are assessing how to diversify their talent and revenue streams in regions around the world.

What are some of the challenges you’ll face in specific regions when setting up payroll? What should you be looking out for to advise your company on? What new and innovative ways to onboard talent could help you be more efficient and effective?

In this session, hear from Nick Adams, Vice President of Sales at Globalization Partners, and Kathryn Barnes, Employment Counsel, EMEA. You’ll learn:

  • The top challenges of setting up payroll due to Brexit.
  • How to analyze your company’s needs and allocate your team’s resources.
  • Why new models like an Employer of Record could help you move faster and stay compliant.


Meet the presenters 



Kathryn Barnes, Employment Counsel, EMEA, Globalization Partners 

Based in the UK, Kathryn is the European Counsel for Globalization Partners. Kathryn deals with any and all legal matters pertaining to employment law and supports the company’s ever-expanding business formation. Kathryn’s diverse and substantial background in European employment law and business, allows her to close out complex issues and provide legal counsel in many different areas within the business. Kathryn’s expertise as the European Counsel for Globalization Partners is crucial for producing tangible and viable solutions in legal matters.


Nick Adams, Vice President of Sales, Globalization Partners 

Nick Adams is the Vice President of EMEA at Globalization Partners based in London, UK, where he leads the company’s international expansion into Europe. With a focus on building a strategic partner network and overseeing regional revenue operations, Nick comes to Globalization Partners with a wealth of experience scaling high growth businesses and is a firm believer in customer focus, integrity and teamwork; values that the company enshrines across the organisation in everything that it does.

Cost:  FREE