The Future of Payroll: Payroll & The New Human Capital

After the shock of the last three years, the relationship between employer and employees has changed, and it's not likely to change back. Payroll, once the quiet broker behind HR and finance, is now the intersection where new norms and new ways of doing business meet. What will we do? Join Bjorn Reynolds, founder and CEO of Safeguard Global, and Tris Woods, Chief Product Officer for the third in our series on the Future of Payroll, as we discuss how payroll owns both the data and the know-how to plan a new way forward for human capital strategy, and how Safeguard Global aims to enable them to do so in 2023 and beyond. 

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Meet the presenters 


Bjorn Reynolds, Founder/CEO, Safeguard Global
As the Founder and CEO (or as we affectionately call him, Chief Guardian) of Safeguard Global, Bjorn is the driving force behind our company’s vision, strategy and culture. His commitment to excellent service and the success of our clients and Guardians is inspirational and of paramount importance to him personally.



Tristan Woods, Chief Product Officer at Safeguard Global. 

Tristan is a leader in global workforce and payroll management. He has led strategy development at Safeguard Global for technology solutions, including operations, implementation and development of our global payroll platform and employee portal. He is passionate about payroll and helping clients find pragmatic solutions to real global business challenges.