What to expect when partnering with a Global Employer of Record Payroll Provider

Communication is an essential tool in any partnership, and it plays an absolutely crucial role when you partner with a Global EOR Payroll Provider. In this webinar, we will explore both what to expect when you partner with a Global EOR Payroll Provider and what will be expected from you. We will also look at the difference partnering with an EOR can make. By understanding the expectations on both sides of a partnership, you can ensure that everything is in place for a successful and compliant onboarding process and a positive outcome for everyone involved.

In this session, Rick Hammell, CEO, will share his insights into the following:
  • How choosing the right provider and compliance go hand in hand
  • Understanding the provider's expectations will provide a smoother onboarding process
  • How to partner with an EOR 


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Meet the presenters 

 Rick Hammell Chief Executive Officer - Atlas

Rick Hammell is the founder and CEO of Atlas. Rick founded Atlas in 2015, from his dining room table after noticing gaps in the existing marketplace for solutions that enabled companies to expand into new markets simply, quickly, and compliantly. Through his commitment to simplifying expansion, Rick pioneered the Direct Employer of Record business model aimed at supporting companies with global aspirations.

Under Rick’s leadership, Atlas has grown from a local startup to a global tech firm with 19 offices and the capability to support clients in more than 160 countries. Atlas has since developed proprietary cloud-based software platforms further supported by a worldwide network of experts helping clients to navigate the complexities of international HR, payroll and local compliance.