Your Solution to Setting Up Compliant Global Payroll

We live in an era where borders are no longer barriers for companies looking to scale. It's now possible to focus recruitment efforts entirely on finding talent with the right skill sets and experience, regardless of location.  However, companies must learn the local tax and labor laws to ensure compliance in each new country they hire in. After all, great opportunities often bring new challenges.

Knowledge and experience are the two secrets to success in global business. Setting up international payroll is one of the most important — and often most complex — processes during any company's global growth. Without the right expertise and support, it can be difficult to maintain compliance — and mistakes can be costly. One simple and effective solution to this challenge is leveraging the efficiencies of an Employer of Record to guide you through local payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance. Finding a provider offering industry-leading technology and in-country expertise is key to setting up payroll and completing your entire global growth journey while mitigating risk and accelerating time to revenue.

In this session, Jennifer McGuire, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Globalization Partners, will share her insights and knowledge about:
  • What is an Employer of Record and how they help companies scale internationally.
  • The value of a strategic ally in guiding you through the process of setting up compliant international payroll.
  • Partnership strategies for payroll companies whose clients require support with global expansion


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Meet the presenters 

 Jennifer McGuire, Director of Strategic Partners at
Globalization Partners

Jennifer is Director of Strategic Partnerships for Globalization Partners in the UK. In this role, Jennifer creates joint value propositions that add value for both Globalization Partners' customers and partners. With a background in Organisational Psychology and SaaS, her work in global HR and Finance has led leaders to leverage new tech and stabilize processes that solve their business challenges.
Melanie Pizzey CEO, GPA
Melanie has worked within the payroll industry for more than 25 years; initially working in the payroll recruitment sector running and building payroll recruitment agencies. Ten years ago Melanie decided to form her own recruitment agency. Within a few years, she started the first online global payroll magazine. Then, identifying a need for a source of information and support for individuals working in the Global Payroll industry, Melanie founded the Global Payroll Association. Since its establishment, the GPA has gone from strength to strength offering invaluable support to payroll individuals and companies around the world.