P11d: UK Payroll Expenses and Benefits

P11d: UK Payroll Expenses and Benefits

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Providing a benefit to an employee, can be seen as a very generous offer, and quite often an employer will have the best intentions, whether that’s to boost morale, or just to do something nice. But sadly, sometimes these best intentions come at a price, and with the new Health and Social Care Levy, this is an extra 1.25% cost the employer does not need.

During this course, we will discuss what benefits can be provided to employees; tax and NI free, what to look out for when reviewing optional remuneration arrangement, and if a P11d is required, we explain how to complete it.

The PAYE settlement agreement (PSA) is an option for employers, to provide certain benefits to employees, without the employee incurring a tax charge, we explain how this works, and how it is calculated.

Some of you may already be payrolling your benefits, during the course we discuss what to consider if the business wants to move forward with this, or if this becomes a mandatory requirement.

The course is delivered over three days from 3.30pm to 5.30pm GMT to accommodate worldwide time zones. A pack of slides are provided to all delegates

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at payroll teams, finance teams, HR and even recruitment, anyone who is involved in offering, and/or managing, and/or processing UK benefits and expenses.

What will you achieve?

A clear understanding of providing benefits to employees, understanding what a qualifying business expense is, and what to consider when managing this process. The ability to consider if other benefits are being provided to employees, that have previously been overlooked.    

Proactively looking at the future, is a PSA required, what other items should be added to the PSA, what about payrolling benefits? If additional benefits are to be provided, what is the ongoing cost?


Course Trainers

  • Jo

    Payroll Lecturer

    Jo has over 20 years’ payroll experience, working in a variety of different roles during that time. Jo has always been involved in payroll, this includes the 10 years whilst working for a HR and Payroll software provider. During those 10 years, roles included consultant, project manager, payroll quality manager and finally, going on to establish and implement a payroll managed service using the company’s standard HR and Payroll product.

What will be covered?

Course Overview 

  • An introduction into P11d’s and how providing certain benefits and expenses are taxable for employees. We also discuss the social security treatment (national insurance) too.
  • Covering everything, from deadline dates, the definition within the law, penalties, and optional remuneration arrangement. The course also looks at benefits that can be provided to employee’s tax free, as well as qualifying business expenses, and how these are reported.
  • Guiding you through the 14 sections of the P11d; company car and fuel, vans, private medical insurance to name but a few. Understanding which benefits incur a Class 1 national insurance and which are a Class 1A national insurance.
  • Remember, you can provide your employees with whatever benefits you wish, but it is understanding how to tax them, that is the problem! Equally, what if the employer doesn’t want to reimburse employees, or provide certain benefits, what options do we have then? This, and many more questions will be answered.
  • If that isn’t enough, the PAYE settlement agreement (PSA) is also explained, how is this managed and how is it calculated, and when should you get one?
  • The course is concluded by looking at the future, and what this current process will look like, if, payrolling of benefits becomes a mandatory requirement. What do you need to consider as a business, what will you require from your payroll provider, how will this be communicated to your employees?

Even though the course is delivered online there is the opportunity to ask the presenter any technical questions or request additional support throughout. Post-course support can also be offered with the fee subject to negotiation depending upon whether this is one-off, or the delegate would prefer a retainer service which we offer to clients based on an hourly rate. Complementary courses  The Global Payroll Association also offers the following courses for employers with employees based in the UK:

• An overview of UK payroll (three x 2 hour sessions over three days)

• A UK payroll compliance update - covering recent and future legislative developments (two x 1 ½ hour sessions over two days)

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