Angela Wagner

Angela Wagner
Senior Director, Global Payroll

Graham Wylie and I had the pleasure of interviewing Angela Wagner for our Women in Payroll Podcast. Like many payroll professionals, Angela was raised in a military family. However, in her late twenties, she made the decision to personally serve her country within the US Coast Guard.  Not only can Angela process payrolls but she can drive a fort lift truck!  Angela believes her 8 years as a Coast Guard gave her a great grounding to embrace her payroll roles at Amazon and Starbucks and her prominent position at Hilton today.

During this memorable podcast, Angela candidly discusses the challenges of raising a family whilst juggling an equally demanding working life.  Angela's openness really makes an impression as she shares that - in common with many people in payroll over the course of their careers - she suffered from imposter syndrome. The numerous challenges Angela has overcome and the valuable lessons she has learnt on her journey in payroll and life make for a fascinating listen!

57 mins