Anna Hammarkvist

Anna Hammarkvist
CEO, Payroll Expert

Graham and Melanie had a transformational experience meeting Anna Hammarkvist, a well known and respected member of the Swedish payroll community. Anna has had experience working in organisations in-house and also outsourced and approaches every job as though she is running a business. Anna sees an opportunity to treat payroll not as a back-office function but as a priority with every business. She applies her philosophies of love and respect to her professional life and working relationships.

Anna encourages her team to be inquisitive; to investigate and learn something new every day. She values awareness of technology and industry updates alongside encouraging people to use their brains and not solely rely on technology.  Anna is an advocate of being green and believes every payroll department can and should decrease its footprint on the environment. Enjoy Anna’s calming approach to work and life and don’t be surprised if the serenity of this episode remains with you through your day!

60 mins