Annemarie Verwaaijen-Kalsbeek

Annemarie Verwaaijen-Kalsbeek
Executive Director Global Payroll & Global Mobility

Once again Graham Wylie and I have had the opportunity to share our podcast with another inspiring woman from the payroll industry. On her career ladder ascent, Annemarie Verwaaijen-Kalsbeek has worked her way up from a small butchers' shop to her position as Executive Director Global Payroll and Global Mobility at NCR and built a brand new life in America.

Annemarie's passion for payroll was evident throughout our conversation. In fact, she revealed that she learned to embrace her identity as a payroll nerd early! Annemarie discusses the path which brought her to the professional success she enjoys today and the ways the advice of a mentor remain prevalent. Annemarie’s initial goal was to move and work in the US for one year; seven years on she is still there...

Listen to the story of Annemarie’s very own American dream and the reasons she feels that it truly is the land of opportunity!
50 mins