Asian Payroll: Then vs Now

When payroll is viewed in isolation from the broader HR and financial objectives the ‘human’ aspects of the process can go missing such as user experience or transparency.


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According to a recent study, almost one third of employees in the Asia-Pacific region would not realise if they were paid incorrectly, and for 11% of these employees, it was because their pay or payslip confuses them.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the number of new regulations that impact payroll increased by 400% in a single month. Lack of digitisation not only makes processes and compliance difficult amid these regulatory shifts, but it also leads to poor visibility and quality of data.

Organisations more than ever need to address remote working and prepare for issues surrounding remote workers from different tax jurisdictions and across borders. Challenges in relation to time tracking post-COVID-19, especially for compliance and audits, are keeping companies on their toes.

There is now a greater need to support flexible working and ensure employee data is stored securely and shared remotely.

Join us in this webinar as we explore the following topics:

  • The challenges faced by organisations in the world of multi-country payroll administration.
  • How major effects have changed the payroll industry in Asia-Pacific.
  • What matters the most and who is impacted?
  • Innovation in HR and the focus on the well-being of employees


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Meet the presenters 

 Sachin Goklaney, CCO of PayGroup

Sachin has been with PayGroup since 2015 in the role of Chief Finance Officer and was appointed to the role of CCO of PayGroup in July 2017. Sachin has over 20 years of experience in senior finance and operations roles in Singapore and Australia.

Based in Singapore, Sachin is a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW).