UK - IR35 and Off Payroll Working Rules

UK - IR35 and Off Payroll Working Rules

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Off Payroll Working will continue and will not be repealed in April 2023.
What is Off Payroll Working? What is IR35? Are they the same thing? This updated course will explain the difference between the two and what that means for all businesses. The Government now requires medium and large businesses in the private sector to implement the off-payroll rules that have in force in the public sector since 2017. The new rules make organisations liable for determining the tax status of contractors/consultants using a Personal Service Companies (PSCs). A PSC is a limited company, who’s director engages with businesses through their limited company, instead of working directly for clients. The rule changes apply to medium and large businesses that turn over more than £10.1m, employ more than 50 people and have a balance sheet over £5.1m.

The course is delivered over two days from 3pm to 4.30pm GMT in order to accommodate worldwide time zones. A pack of slides are provided to all delegates.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for people with any Finance, Payroll or HR responsibility within their organisation. Whether you process payroll in-house or outsource it to an agent, you need to understand the impact of these new rules from a cost, administration, and operational perspective.
Payroll agents will need to assess the impact of the regulations in their letters of engagement and their fee strategy for providing these payroll services.
Understanding of payroll operations is recommended before attending this course.

What will you achieve?

A complete understanding of the Off Payroll Working, sometimes referred to as new IR35 rules, and how they impact your organisation. An action plan detailing what steps to take next to ensure your organisation is taking reasonable care to comply with these government requirements.

Course Trainers

  • Jo

    Payroll Lecturer

    Jo has over 20 years’ payroll experience, working in a variety of different roles during that time. Jo has always been involved in payroll, this includes the 10 years whilst working for a HR and Payroll software provider. During those 10 years, roles included consultant, project manager, payroll quality manager and finally, going on to establish and implement a payroll managed service using the company’s standard HR and Payroll product.

What will be covered?

Course Overview 

  • An overview of IR35, and why this employment status task now sits firmly with the engager.
  • Walking through the changes and new terminology introduced from April 2021; Off Payroll Working.
  • Annual process to check if you are small or a medium size company as far as these rules are
  • concerned.
  • Notifications to be provided if you are a small company, or a medium, large company.
  • Warnings and checks if your organisation engage with PSCs via agents.
  • Organisational process changes, what do you need to consider? Who will do what?
  • Using CEST, Check Employment Status for Tax.
  • Record keeping, a timeline of events including appeals for each PSC.
  • Reversal of the payroll if an appeal is successful.
  • Are there other options?