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In the last three years, the world of HR has changed so much it's nearly unrecognizable. The way payroll teams react to global challenges has changed, too, and now payroll seems poised to become a source of leadership and advantage within forward-thinking enterprises.

Join Tris Woods, Chief Product Officer and a series of guests for three episodes examining how payroll practitioners and providers have adapted to the last three years, and what that means for our vision of the next five. In our first show, we'll discuss how payroll evolved from the unsung hero of the early pandemic to a hotbed of strategic innovations that can help organizations cope with the labor force of the future.



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Meet the presenters 

Tristan Woods, Chief Product Officer at Safeguard Global. 

Tristan is a leader in global workforce and payroll management. He has led strategy development at Safeguard Global for technology solutions, including operations, implementation and development of our global payroll platform and employee portal. He is passionate about payroll and helping clients find pragmatic solutions to real global business challenges.