Getting the Foundations Right for Global Payroll

The way of work is changing, which has resulted in organisations focusing on how they can retain their top performing employees, attract new talent, and meet local and global growth demands.

The “war for talent” has already impacted most businesses across the globe, and as organisations look to attract and retain key employees, employers are increasingly looking at the critical role of global payroll. Global payroll can help with talent retention in several ways. First, by ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time, regardless of which countries they reside in. Second, global payroll can help streamline the process of offering and administering employee benefits, such as retirement plans and health insurance, which can help make the company a more attractive place to work and help retain top talent. Finally, global payroll can help standardize pay and benefits across different countries and regions, which creates a more equitable and fair working environment, further enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing the risk of talented employees leaving the company.

In addition, as organisations look to grow and expand into new geographical territories by both expansion and acquisition, the need to understand and meet legislative requirements and compliance in new territories, as well as hire and manage employees in those countries, becomes increasingly important. Understanding how to hire and manage employees in countries where an organisation doesn’t currently have an entity or operation set up can be particularly problematic. Understanding how to pay and manage employees in this scenario can often cause significant operational challenges.

Finally, employee experience is a major issue for a lot of global companies, especially when they have different back-office solutions to manage and need to pay those employees. As the world gets smaller, and employees migrate to different territories and countries, it is important to ensure that the employee experience is consistent as well as meets local employment laws and compliance requirements.

Join this session to discover:
·      What are the top challenges of global payroll in 2023
·      How to run compliant global payroll in new territories
·      What solutions are available for companies to build and manage successful global teams in 2023

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    Meet the presenters 

    Kathryn Barnes, Senior Employment Counsel Manager EMEA, G-P

    Based in the UK, Kathryn is the European Counsel for G-P. Kathryn deals with any and all legal matters pertaining to employment law and supports the company’s ever-expanding business formation. Kathryn’s diverse and substantial background in European employment law and business, allows her to close out complex issues and provide legal counsel in many different areas within the business. Kathryn’s expertise as the European Counsel for Globalization Partners is crucial for producing tangible and viable solutions in legal matters.


    Isabelle Decraene, Global Sales Manager at SD Worx

    I am Isabelle Decraene, a Global Sales Manager at SD Worx. I’m based in Belgium and I have had the pleasure of working with HR and payroll professionals for over 25 years. I have helped small, medium, and large organizations to identify, select, and meet their HR and payroll requirements both domestically in Belgium and internationally.

    I joined SD Worx 21 years ago as I loved the culture and professionalism of the company, and after working within the Belgian entity for 17 years I took the exiting opportunity to join the international sales team. In this position I have the unique opportunity to be in close contact with international companies and hear firsthand what the real HR & Payroll trends and needs are, and look for the best solution in SD Worx’ extensive and evolving portfolio of HR & Payroll services and software.