How to assess the performance of your Global Payroll process


Many of you will be familiar with the concept of assessing the performance of your team or even yourself through reviews and continual development – but have you ever used the same theories to assess your payroll cycle?

Your payroll process may well be ticking along month in month out, but is it really operating at an optimum level?

In this webinar we use the principles of a performance review to help you understand how you can:

Assess your global payroll cycle and what “excellence” looks like so you can set objectives for improving your global payroll processes.  

Meet the presenters 

Matt Sheridan, Head of Sales at IRIS FMP Global 

As Head of Sales for IRIS, Matt focuses on driving growth to both domestic and International Managed Services teams - providing solutions in over 135+ countries globally. 
Also, responsible for delivering world-class customer service through IRISs dedicated Account Management function to over 1000 customers. Through Matts team, Iris provides outsourced/managed services 'payroll solutions' from Micro to Enterprise organisations. Matt is proud to be able to deliver quality solutions from owner-operators up to some of the biggest global brands. 

Fran Williams, Product Director at IRIS FMP Global 

Fran is the Product Director for IRIS FMP and is responsible for ensuring our value proposition is clearly communicated & understood by our prospects and our products & services delight our customers. He is a versatile leader, with a proven track record of creating, managing & executing successful marketing, commercial & product proposition strategies within the domestic & global payroll & HR marketplace.  
Prior to joining IRIS, Fran spent the over 15 years in similar roles within the payroll & HR industry working across international and domestic providers such as Moorepay, Zellis and Alight (previously NGA Human Resources). When Fran isn’t working, he loves to travel, watching football and spending time with his family. 

Katie Linstead, Head of Market Engagement & Partnerships at Dataplan by IRIS

Katie has worked in the payroll industry for over 19 years, supporting UK and Global clients from multiple sectors, working her way up from Payroll Assistant to leading operational and commercial payroll bureau divisions. This broad experience helps her to support the many clients Dataplan by IRIS look after with innovative and cost effective payroll, pensions and compliance solutions in the UK and Ireland.