HR & Payroll: Navigating complex requirements in turbulent times

Date:  9th December 2020

Time: 14.00 GMT

Price: FREE


Human Resources and Payroll are crucial pillars of business operation that require close attention to official regulations and customs in each market. They demand attention when businesses are first setting up as well for business as usual activities.

Research from the TMF Group 2020 Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI) shows that the legislative complexity associated with managing HR and Payroll varies considerably between different jurisdictions.

During this webinar we will explore the main areas of TMF Group’s brand-new report about global HR and Payroll complexities:

Hiring and terminating employees

The ongoing management of HR and payroll

The relationship between international workforces and local rules

Technology as an enabler for both employers and employees


      Meet the presenters 

      Adele Ewing
      Global Head of HR and Payroll Solutions
      Adele joined TMF Group as Global Business Management Lead in 2019 to support the Chief Operating Technology Officer in developing strategy and running day to day operations. One year later she became the Global Head of HR and Payroll Solutions for TMF, thanks to her previous experience with NGAHR and BDO in delivering global payroll solutions to clients. Adele’s career has mainly focused on professional services, starting as a Chartered Accountant and then gravitating towards global corporate services with a key focus on client delivery. In recent years Adele has specialized in outsourcing HR and Payroll solutions in the UK market first and now she provides services to global clients across 100 + countries



      Gary Wright
      Solution Lead – HR & Payroll
      Gary joined TMF Group as HR & Payroll Pre-Sales Lead in 2015 to support the Global Sales team. Gary now leads a team of HR & Payroll Solution Architects across all regions, ensuring TMF Group develops solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

      Gary has worked in all facets of HR & Payroll for over 35 years and in the last 15 years he focused on Global HR & Payroll Solutions for complex multi-country clients. In particular, he aims at offering solutions that encompass all client’s requirements, ranging from delivery to technology/integration.

      He can leverage his experience gained at working across the industry as Global Solutions Lead for organisations such as HP, Ceridian & CGI.

      Gary is passionate about HR & Payroll and the added value that it brings to today’s organizations – considering both the employee experience and the data mining aspect of payroll related data.

      Cost:  FREE