Imposter Syndrome: Say Goodbye to Your Inner Critic


Imposter Syndrome: Say Goodbye to Your Inner Critic

Jenny Garrett introduces us to the psychological phenomenon of Imposter Syndrome in this GPA Masterclass. Her rundown of archetypes helps identify behaviours and overcome them. Jenny offers advice on developing confidence and self-belief to help payroll professionals thrive beyond the invisible box that self-doubt can trap us in.





Meet the presenter 


Jenny Garrett OBE is an Award Winning Career Coach and Leadership Trainer, with over 15 years experience of running a Global Business.

Jenny empowers people to make the transformation that they are seeking actually happen, that could be: navigating their career successfully finding work that is more on purpose for them or getting the best from their team.

Everything she does is aimed at either advancing gender balance, creating inclusive workplaces or equipping young people with the skills that leaders of the future need.

What she is best known for is her book Rocking You Role which is a guide to success for female breadwinners, delivering inspiring talks, career coaching, delivering leadership training, speaking in media, facilitating retreats and running teen conferences.