Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion


Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

Lisa Leonce introduces us to the subject of Diversity and Inclusion and its significance for payroll professionals. This thought-provoking GPA Masterclass covers definitions of terms, how to start conversations around diversity and inclusion, psychological safety and the differences between equality, equity and justice..






Meet the presenter 


Lisa Leonce, Entrepreneur, Executive, Career and Leadership Coach, Host, Speaker, Consultant and Trainer.

Lisa founded ‘efiL Limited’ which provides coaching, consultancy and training for individuals and businesses worldwide. She has works with clients from all backgrounds, levels, and fields. Her most recent large contract is with the British Army, working with their Commanding Officers and Padres. She is the co-founded ‘Sheerah Network’ - empowering and enabling people of colour to flourish in their leadership journey, and equipping organisations to implement and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Radio host and producer for the only talk show on online radio. The show provides a space that inspires and encourages others to achieve their best in the roles they do - paid or unpaid, whilst having frank and honest conversations highlighting issues which affect our community including leadership barriers.

Lisa continues to serve as a Chairperson in the East London Magistrates Courts and is a member of the Independent Police Advisory Group for Brentwood and Essex.